DIY Q&A: How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio Cover? ($$$)

Have you ever wanted to install a patio cover over your patio?

Do you find yourself wishing you had a way to go sit outside even when it’s raining or less pleasant weather outdoors?

Do you want a permanent way to protect your patio from snow, ice, and water damage?

If any of this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

In this article, we’ll help you learn the basics about the cost you might incur when you install a patio cover. You’ll learn about the factors that affect the price of each type of patio cover material as well as roughly how much you can expect to pay for each one.

By reading the information we have below, you’ll be well on your way to understanding what kind of budget you’ll need to have before you ever get started on the installation process.

how much does it cost to build a patio deck

But just what is a patio cover, anyway? Basically, a patio cover is a permanent structure that goes over your patio—more or less, it’s a patio roof. Some patios have them and others don’t, but patios that sit out in the direct sunlight and suffer the effects of other types of weather generally don’t last as long. For this reason, it can be a very economical decision to put in a patio cover.

Patio covers come in many different types of materials to help suit your aesthetic preferences as well as your weather-related needs. Depending on where you live, one option may be much better than another. And if you live in an HOA, you may be limited to only choosing between the patio cover materials your HOA has specified.

Now, how much does it cost to build a patio cover? We’ve got the answers for you below!

Metal Patio Covers

Factors affecting this price:

  • Metal patio covers are the most expensive because of the price of the materials used in their production.
  • The method of making metal patio covers is also more complicated than cutting wood or designing plastic, and therefore, you are also paying for the increased labor costs in the production of your patio cover when you go this route.
  • Metal patio covers are designed to last much longer than most of the other options out there, however, so even if you feel like you’re paying a lot up front, chances are good you’re not going to be paying as much to replace or repair damages as you would with some of the other options listed here later on down the line.
  • Metal patio covers are a little harder to put up yourself, so there’s a chance you’re going to need to factor in the cost of professional installation when it comes to choosing this type of material, as well.

Wood Patio Covers

Factors affecting this price:

  • Wood is abundant and comes in a lot of different varieties, making it affordable enough that it fits into almost any patio cover budget.
  • With that said, however, it can be easy to fall into the trap of choosing a low-cost wood that won’t be able to hold up to a lot of wear and tear or won’t last very long in an outdoor climate.
  • In order to get higher-quality wood that will last a long time as part of your patio cover setup, you need to spend a little more money than you would on other wood-based DIY projects.
  • When buying wood, you’ll also need to consider the cost of buying a stain, finish, paint, and hardware to install everything properly.

Plastic/Vinyl Patio Covers

Factors affecting this price:

  • The quality of the plastic or vinyl you choose to use will have a big impact on the price of your patio cover materials, and it doesn’t pay to cut corners when you’re making a decision based on the quality of your plastic or vinyl. Vinyl that isn’t high enough quality won’t last a full year when dealing with fluctuating outdoor temperatures.
  • You may be able to choose between different thicknesses for your plastic or vinyl patio cover, and if this is the case, some thicknesses may cost more simply because of the excess material required to make them. Thinner vinyl may be more affordable, but bear in mind that it’s more likely to become damaged easily by weather, wind, and even things like falling tree branches that could be a threat to your patio cover.
  • If you want a patio cover in a specific color, particularly if you choose a custom or hard-to-find color, you may have to pay more for the benefit of being able to choose this. Vinyl is easier to find in multiple colors than metal or wood, although you can’t paint it like you can with a wood patio cover.
  • Plastic is more affordable to produce than metal, but more expensive than wood, so it comes in at a solid mid-range price.


So what do you think? Were you able to determine the right patio cover material to suit your needs? There are pros and cons to each one, and it’s important to consider your own patio as well as the type of climate where you live before you make your final decision. Factors such as the temperature most of the year, the types of extreme temperatures and weather conditions you may deal with where you live, and more can help you determine whether or not you’ve made the right call on your patio cover material choice.

how much does it cost to put in a patio?

Remember, too, that different materials may require different types of maintenance to stay looking great and functioning properly. While it may be easier to repair damaged wood than damaged vinyl or metal, it’s probably going to need to be replaced a lot more often, so you may actually end up spending more money on repairs over time than you would with another type of material. There’s a lot to consider when you’re making your decision, so be sure to take your time and think hard about which option is best for you.

Finally, think about whether or not you’re going to have the cover installed by a professional or you’re going to do it yourself. If you plan to install your own patio cover, be sure to use a material you feel comfortable working with. For example, you may not have any experience with metal projects, but you may know a lot about putting up something made of wood. If this is the case, the right option for you may be wood, especially since you’d be able to handle the repairs yourself if anything should come up.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right patio cover, and a little thought goes a long way toward ensuring you get the right one.


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