How To Keep Squirrels From Chewing On Patio Furniture (5 Great Options)

Do you have a patio or porch that isn’t completely covered or screened in?

Do you live in an area where there are a lot of squirrels?

Would you like to learn how to keep squirrels from chewing on patio furniture?

Unfortunately, depending on where you live, you may run into problems with squirrels chewing on your patio furniture more often than not. This is a very common issue and it’s one that leaves many homeowners frustrated and angry with no idea how to resolve the problem.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to five different options to help you prevent squirrels from taking control of your patio furniture so you can get back to decorating the way you’ve always wanted to.

But why do squirrels chew on patio furniture in the first place? Squirrels have teeth that never stop growing, so they have to constantly chew on things to grind down their teeth to keep them functional and pain-free. The type of materials used in patio furniture are also great for squirrel nest building, so it’s a win-win for the squirrels even though it’s a bad situation for you!

Of course, understanding why squirrels are gnawing on your furniture may not matter much when you’re just trying to keep it from happening anymore. Read on to discover five great options to keep your patio furniture protected from squirrels for as long as possible.

1. Deterrent Spray

how to keep squirrels from eating wicker furniture

How it’s done: Purchase the spray and spray it around or on your patio furniture according to the directions on the bottle.

What you need: Spray, gloves, and a protective mask.

Does it hurt the squirrel?: It depends. Some sprays may be toxic to the squirrel, while others are all-natural. If this is a concern for you, be sure to read the ingredients on the label to find out more.

How long does it last?: This type of method will need to be repeated a couple of times a season in most situations.


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    This is an easy remedy that you can find in most hardware stores.
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    This method doesn’t take long to complete and is usually effective.


  • This method can be harmful to the squirrels and other animals in the area.
  • These sprays could damage your furniture.

2. Vinegar

animal repellent for patio cushions

How it’s done: Put white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the area.

What you need: White vinegar, spray bottle gloves.

Does it hurt the squirrel?: No; vinegar is a repellant to squirrels but it isn’t harmful to them.

How long does it last?: This method should be repeated a couple of times a season.


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    This method is also great for remedying mold and mildew.
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    This is a very low-cost method.


  • Some squirrels don’t seem to mind the vinegar at all.
  • This method smells unpleasant for a little while.

3. Bring Cushions Inside

how to keep squirrels off your patio furniture

How it’s done: Simply bring your cushions in when not in use.

What you need: Nothing but a few spare minutes of time.

Does it hurt the squirrel?: Not at all.

How long does it last?: This is an effective method if you can keep up with it.


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    Cushions are easy to transport in and out of your home.
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    This method is sure to keep your cushions protected.


  • It’s a lot of trouble to bring cushions in and out every time you use them.
  • This doesn’t protect the furniture itself.

4. Bright Lights

squirrels chewing metal furniture

How it’s done: Turn bright lights on your patio furniture to chase away squirrels.

What you need: Very bright patio lights.

Does it hurt the squirrel?: Not at all.

How long does it last?: As long as the lights are on.


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    This method is affordable and easy to maintain, especially if you choose lights that are on a timer.
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    This option is usually quite effective.


  • If you live in a neighborhood, the bright lights on your patio at night may be unwelcome by your neighbors.
  • If you have to run your bright lights all the time to keep squirrels away, you may notice an increase in your electric bill, especially if you don’t choose LED lights.

5. Squirrel Feeders

squirrel repellent for outdoor furniture

How it’s done: Hang squirrel feeders in the area to give the squirrels something more enticing to enjoy instead of your furniture.

What you need: Squirrel feeders, stands, and squirrel food.

Does it hurt the squirrel?: Not at all.

How long does it last?: This method usually lasts a long time, but the squirrels may get bored of the feeders over time and go back to chewing on your furniture.


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    This method is one of the least harmful to the squirrels.
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    You may also get to do some birdwatching from the feeders, too.


  • It can cost money to keep up with feeding squirrels.
  • If you forget to keep the feeders full, chances are the squirrels will go back to your furniture sooner rather than later.


Did you find an option that will work well for you? There are a lot of good possibilities out there, and the one you go with will depend largely on whether or not you want to use something all-natural and harmless for this problem. You may also want to try a variety of different methods of ridding your patio of squirrel intruders until you find the one that works best for you. Keep in mind that this may take some time, so be patient with the methods you try and give them a chance to start working before you give up and go to the next one.

And remember that squirrels aren’t the only potential issue when it comes to patio furniture. What other animals should you be worried about? Depending on where you live, your patio may be overrun by other rodents like mice or rats, or birds may nest in your patio and leave “presents” on your furniture. You may also potentially have spiders, lizards, or even snakes on your patio in some areas, and if you live in a very forested or mountainous region, don’t forget to be on the lookout for bears that might be interested in what’s going on, too.

There’s always going to be some type of nature potentially interfering with your patio, so make sure you read up on the best ways to deal with these issues to keep your patio furniture looking great for as long as possible.


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